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Vegetables, baby potatoes & paneer coated in a spicy yogurt marinade and cooked in a tandoor.
A vegetarian adaptation of the galouti kebab, the specialty of which is it’s ability to completely melt in your mouth, and this kebab does just that!
PAKORA £4.95.
Vegetables dipped in a spiced batter and deep-fried served with a tamarind-date sauce
Pan fried spinach patties filled with homemade cheese and ground herbs
Popular roadside fare from India.
Crispy pooris with potatoes, chickpeas and onion, topped with honey flavoured yogurt, tamarind-date sauce and green coriander chutney. Served cold.
Sweet and sour potatoes seasoned with coriander, mustard seeds, green chilli and ginger, coated in gram flour and deep fried. Served with Indian risotto.
Rose Lassi is a delicious twist on the traditional lassi and is flavoured with rose syrup to give it a nice pink hue and a refreshing taste. It is a perfect drink to serve for breakfast or for evening snack.
The Rose Kulfi is an easy recipe prepared with Milk and Rose Syrup as basic ingredients. Rose Kulfi is such an aromatic treat which will soothe your senses with its delightful colour, aroma and taste.
Kulfi is a tempting Indian dessert with many variations and Paan Kulfi is one of them. For traditional paan kulfi …the pan mix is prepared separately with betel leaves, cardamoms, fennel seeds, and Gulkhand….etc.

Kalpna’s Lunchtime Buffet

Our Lunch time unlimited buffet is one of the most popular in Edinburgh. We vary the food everyday, testing the creativity and skills of our chefs to their limit and while the focus is mostly on traditional cuisine the chefs often apply their talents to create wonderful and wholesome food.

The buffet includes

All for £13.99pp
2 Salads
2 Chutneys
2 Starters
3 Curries
2 Rice
Stuffed rice pancake served with sumbhar, coconut chutney & Salad
A rice pancake with hot-spiced vegetables stuffing, served with Sumbhar, coconut chutney, salad.
A unique rice pancake cooked with butter & stuffed with spiced potatoes, peas, coriander & served with sumbhar, coconut chutney, salad.
Rice pancake cooked in butter and stuffed with grated cheese, fresh chopped chilli, potatoes, peas, onion, coriander & served with sumbhar, coconut and green coriander chutney and salad.
Rice pancake cooked in butter & stuffed with fresh spinach, grated paneer, garlic chilli, potatoes, onion, and coriander and served with sumbhar, coconut and green chutney.
*Sumbhar is a medium spicy lentil base soup with some fresh vegetables
Dum Aloo Kashmiri £9.95
Kalpna’s signature dish. Potato barrels filled with mixed vegetables, paneer and nuts served in a combination of a fresh tomato, honey and ginger sauce & a creamy almond and saffron sauce.
Saam Savera £9.95
Fresh spinach stuffed with homemade cheese, saffron, ginger, vegetables and nuts, served with a savoury Mughlia gravy of fresh tomatoes, herbs and spices. Garnished with coriander and cream.
Baingan Achari £8.95.
Marinated aubergines cooked with red-hot north indian spices with a generous portion of tomato onion garlic & red chilli flakes.
Shahi Sabzi £8.95.
Mixed vegetables, nuts and pineapple cooked in an almond, saffron sauce, laced with spiced spinach and garnished with cream and fresh coriander.
Mughal Kofta £8.95.
Cheese, onion, nuts & potato fritters in a delicious hot and spicy sauce, garnished with coriander and cream.


Homemade soft cheese (Paneer) cooked in a variety of ways; each unique and delicious.

Butter Paneer: Paneer in honey & tomatoes gravy

Chilli Panner: Paneer in fresh Chilli, garlic capsicum in an onion gravy

Mattar Paneer: Paneer & fresh garden peas cooked with fresh ground spices in onion sauce,

Palak Paneer: Paneer & Spiced spinach cooked with paneer

Bhindi Masala £7.50.
Okra seasoned with mustard seed, onion and tomatoes
Daal Tarka £7.50 .
Yellow Lentils cooked in traditional style seasoned with cumin and garlic roasted in vegetable ghee.
Daal Makhani £8.15 .
A Popular dish originating from the Punjab region. Fresh Whole Black Lentils cooked with Kidney beans, butter and cream.
Dum Aloo Gobi £7.50
Potato and cauliflower in a spiced tomato gravy

Traditional Set Meals a speciality of West India (Gujrat and Maharashtra). A balanced selection of dishes from our menu full of complimentary flavours and textures. A perfect meal for one if you cannot make up your mind An excellent Pre-Theatre meal

Thaali Raj Bhog £17.15
A royal platter serving a selection of dishes including Starters, Daal, Palak, Paneer Butter Masala, two seasonal vegetables, Rice, Bread, Raita and Dessert.
Vegan Thaali Raj Bhog £17.15
A Vegan version of the Royal Platter catered for Vegans contains a selection of dished including Starters, Daal, Palak, Okra/aubergine, two seasonal vegetables, Rice, Bread, Raita and a Vegan Dessert.
Archna Thaali £14.15.
A mini Thaali with Starters, Daal and Chef’s choice of two vegetables, Rice, Bread and Dessert.
Vegan Thaali £14.15.
A mini Vegan Thaali with Starters, Chef’s choice of three mains, Rice, Bread and Dessert.
Thaali of the Day £18.00.
Regional Thaali (Subject to Availability).
  • £2.55 Plain Basmati Rice
  • £2.95 Pulao Rice
  • £4.95

    Garlic Rice

    Rice sautéed with mustard seeds, chilli, garlic, curry leaves, and garnished with coriander leaves.
  • £4.95

    Coconut Rice

    Rice sautéed in cumin seed, urad daal, curry leaves and cooked in coconut milk and grated fresh coconut.
  • £7.95

    Mughlai Biryani

    Aromatic rich cooked with fresh mixed vegetables Nuts, Raisin, spiced with Garlic, Chilli and Ginger & flavoured with rose water and saffron.
  • £1.95 Plain Naan
  • £2.50 Garlic Naan
  • £2.50 Butter Naan
  • £3.75 Peshawari Naan
  • £3.15 Ajwani Parath
  • £3.15 Lacha Parath(flaky)
  • £1.95 Tandoori Roti
  • £1.20 Chapati
  • £1.45 Poppadum and Pickles
  • £0.80 Poppadum/p.p
  • £0.85 Pickles / p.p
  • £1.95 Raita
  • £1.75 Dahi (yogurt)
  • £2.95 Green Salad
  • £1.75 Onion Salad/chilli
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