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Vegan food refers to purely vegetarian dishes that do not include any product received from animals. One of the most common mistakes that people make is to confuse veganism and vegetarianism. Please note that vegetarianism refers to abstaining from non-vegetarian dishes. On the other hand, veganism refers to avoiding all products received from animals. It refrains from essential vegetarian items such as milk and its by-products like cheese. The main idea behind veganism is to demolish the commercializing of animals and how they are treated as commodities. Continue reading ahead to learn about the best vegan dishes.

Vegetable biryani – Vegetable biryani is undoubtedly a hit if you are looking for a healthy vegan dinner. Aromatic is rice cooked with several Indian spices, dried fruits, and highly nutritious vegetables. It is best served with a bowl of curry or raita. A tiny little mint leave in the garnishing is enough to appetize your senses. You must eat vegan biryani over non-vegetarian ones because meat can often lead to problems such as high cholesterol and increased blood pressure.

Rice and dal – Rice and dal is a classic Indian combination that is full of taste and nourishment. Topping vegan food in Edinburgh, this lentil and rice combo is hugely filling. Primarily, a bowl of lentil soup is served with rice of your choice. To add to its flavors, you can couple it with salad and other spices. It is one hundred percent vegetarian and vegan dish. Cooked in almost every Indian household, it takes you back to the country of spices.

Kofta – Kofta, coupled with rice or any flatbread, is a healthy vegan lunch option. Originally, kofta translates to "meatball." But the Indian cuisine has a range of meat alternatives. You can pick any kofta from the menu, such as potato kofta, vegetable kofta, or tofu kofta. All of them are entirely vegan and nutritious.

Chana masala – Last but not least, chana masala is a North Indian favorite. You can have it with rice, biryani, regular toast, or flatbread. One size does not fit all, but one chana masala does. It is an explosion of flavors and spices in your mouth. It is a chickpea dish that is sometimes cooked in ghee. Though ghee is not vegan, you can direct the restaurant to prepare your meals in a plant-based oil. Ghee is a type of clarified butter that most vegans do not agree with. But these can be customized and can be made as per your desire.

The Kalpna Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurant serves the best Indian food in Edinburgh. We have a long list of the best vegan desserts that will leave you craving for more. With more than 40 years of experience in the food and hospitality sector, we are proud to call you on board. Visit us any day when you are seeking wholesome, tasty, and lip-smacking dishes.